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Antimonial Lead Rods

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Outer Diameter



PBROD.7536 3/4"x36" Pure Lead 3/4 in 36 in Lead
PBROD.7560 3/4"x60" Pure Lead 3/4 in 60 in Lead
PBSB.536 1/2"x36" Antimonial Lead Rod 1/2 in 36 in Antimony
PBSB.7536 3/4"x36" Antimonial Lead Rod 3/4 in 36 in Antimony
PBSB1.2536 1-1/4"x36" Antimonial Lead Rod 1-1/4 in 36 in Antimony
PBSB1.536 1-1/2"x36" Antimonial Lead Rod 1-1/2 in 36 in Antimony
PBSB1.7536 1-3/4"x36" Antimonial Lead Rod 1-3/4 in 36 in Antimony
PBSB136 1"x36" Antimonial Lead Rod 1 in 36 in Antimony
PBSB236 2"x36" Antimonial Lead Rod 2 in 36 in Antimony
  Results 1 - 9 of 9 1 
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